Submerged by Flood? This Procedure Can Be Executed To Save Car Lives

Submerged by Flood? This Procedure Can Be Executed To Save Car Lives

Not a few cars became victims of floods that often hit when rainfall was high. Then if inevitable, it needs a thorough inspection and repair so that the car's condition returns to normal. Next we describe what needs to be evaluated and improved after becoming a flood victim.

After 'wallowing', the mixture of dirty water and mud is bad for the car. Example in the cabin, stains and even odors left behind certainly reduce the comfort when driving later. Refer to the interior detailing workshop because they have special equipment.

The first step is to wash and dry the whole cabin. As explained by the Marketing Manager of Autoglaze, Stephen Setyadi, "Standard workmanship, we unload the seats first. After dismantling, we dry the wet parts, including removing the base carpet. Everything is cleaned and dried then we do interior detailing."

Enter the interior detailing stage, all interior surfaces are given special handling. If not done immediately, especially after stagnating for too long, the spots will be difficult to dismantle. This flood trail is disturbing visually. "Because there is a big possibility that the door trim or other parts are stained, it must be cleaned specifically. If not, especially if you have been flooded for a long time, stains usually stick to the door trim, "he said.

In addition to stubborn stains, the cabin odor needs to be neutralized from the musty smell or even sewage. The cure is Ozone treatment. Ozone generators give off O3 gas to remove odors. The final step after neutralizing is doing fogging. Claimed effective to kill the remaining bacteria while killing germs, including making the cabin return fragrant.

Electrical Components
The role of electricity and computer components is crucial in the performance of a car. Well, water is their main enemy. This is the first part that needs attention. Aep, workshop owner and mechanic of Aep BMW Specialist in Batununggal, Bandung, said, "The first thing to check is electricity. Components such as ECUs, relays, fuses and other connectors will all be removed and sprayed with contact cleaner to dry."

In the long run, the connection between connectors that don't dry actually creates corrosion. Electricity problems also haunt in the future. In addition, exacerbating the situation when the car is turned on and the computer or relay device is still wet. "Short circuiting can occur," he said.

If dried immediately, the probability of damage to the control unit can be minimized. Lucky if you don't need to be replaced because the price is quite draining the wallet. For example, for the ECU BMW 3 Series E90, the price of used parts can be more than Rp. 11 million on the market. However, if the end does not function normally, inevitably it must be replaced.

Another collection of electric power components may not be the main source of problems after the flood. Alternators, starter motors, wiper motors, and glass motors can become stuck after being submerged. Generally, just do the drying and then you will find them operating as before.

Mechanical Components
Next, the concern is the mechanical part. If the car sinks beyond the hood, water can be sure to enter the combustion chamber. First aid kit open all spark plugs and turn Noken as with the help of a wrench so that the water comes out.

Not only the combustion chamber, water can also break into the lubrication area. It is most easily detected by the oil level on the dipstick. Checks are carried out on engine oil, transmission, power steering and brake fluid. Basically oil floats on water, meaning that if it is too high there is a possibility of contamination. Another symptom is oil brown milk. The completion step as well as the preventive action is to replace the filter and drain the channel. Then, it is recommended to replace all liquids from engine oil to brake fluid. After making sure it is clean and reassembled, start the engine to help the drying process in the cylinder.

Aep then added that the possibility of water entering the transmission or axle is even smaller. Because in general the newer car output has a closed system so it is not easily broken through. Even so, the transmission and axle must not escape inspection. If water is found to seep in, the solution is to drain and change oil, along with seals to keep the gear house tight.

Don't forget about the braking system. Flood marks create rust on the surface of a brake disc or drum. Handbrake may also be locked. For rust problems that form in the wheel area can often be overcome by running the car.

Keep in mind to carry out testing gradually and slowly. No different from humans who are undergoing a period of healing. Need a process to recover completely.

Preventive measure
If you are sure clean the first time, do the washing again. Take it to the hydraulic sink. This ensures under the car free of mud. Also make sure the water holes are not blocked. Rust problems in the main structure can be dangerous in the long run because over time the structure of the builder can lose strength.

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