Autoglaze Offers Shares to Consumers

Autoglaze Offers Shares to Consumers

In collaboration with Bizhare, which is a securities crowdfunding service provider, Autoglaze offers shares to consumers

Autoglaze offers consumers business opportunities to become part of their outlet owners with various benefits. This share ownership was given to 2 outlets located in the premium area, namely the Autoglaze outlets of the Tendean and Fatmawati Gas Station branches, South Jakarta.

To make this business easier for consumers, Autoglaze offers shares to consumers by cooperating with Bizhare. For information, Bizhare is one of the pioneer platforms for organizing crowdfunding securities and has been established since 2018 and has official permission from the OJK.

"We want to make a leap of difference from other businesses, my goal is that customers buy members to become investors. To note, currently we can wash around 7,000 units of vehicles throughout Indonesia with nearly 1,000 employees in one day," explained Robby Kurnia, CEO of Autoglaze.

The ownership offered is IDR 1.85 million for 20 shares. Not only that, the shareholders also immediately got a free Platinum Autoglaze Member Card worth IDR 1.8 million and various Pre-Sales benefits specifically for investors.

In addition, various other benefits are also provided, such as two free treatments worth IDR 600,000 (per treatment) and one free treatment on birthdays (worth IDR 600,000). Not to forget, six times of special fogging is also given free of charge (worth Rp. 300,000 x 6 = Rp. 1.8 million) per arrival, the member price applies and there are no limit on arrivals.

"Overall, consumers only pay Rp. 1,850 million, get products worth Rp. 3.6 million and get shares worth 1 million," explained Robby Kurnia, CEO of Autoglaze.

Special offers for Pre-Sales investors themselves are only open until February 28, 2023. When bundling vouchers can be obtained at Bit.ly/autoglaze

"With this new breakthrough, investors not only become Autoglaze owners, but can also become loyal customers and take advantage of Autoglaze's platinum membership facilities. Investors can also invite their friends and family to become members of Autoglaze and get a commission of 20% of the total membership value of IDR 1.8 million," explained Heinrich Vincent, CEO of Bizhare.

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