Strategi Menjaga Mobil

 Strategi Menjaga Mobil
News Submerged by Flood This Procedure Can Be Executed To Save Car LivesSubmerged by Flood? This Procedure Can Be Executed To Save Car Lives
Not a few cars became victims of floods that often hit when rainfall was high. Then if inevitable, it needs a thorough inspection and repair so that the car's condition returns to normal. Next we describe what needs to be evaluated and improved after becoming a flood victim.
News Watch out Car Paint Soaked by Floods Can Be MottledWatch out! Car Paint Soaked by Floods Can Be Mottled
Jakarta - Everywhere cars can be seen submerged and even submerged by floods. The owner certainly has to think about many things so that the car returns to normal when it starts from engine problems, electricity, interior and exterior.
News The lure of the coating lasts for years dont believe it right awayThe lure of the coating lasts for years, don't believe it right away
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - The method of paint protection using coatings is increasingly crowded by car owners. Besides having the effect of taro leaves, coating is also called to make the paint become more glossy and durable.
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