Watch out! Car Paint Soaked by Floods Can Be Mottled

Watch out! Car Paint Soaked by Floods Can Be Mottled

Jakarta - Everywhere cars can be seen submerged and even submerged by floods. The owner certainly has to think about many things so that the car returns to normal when it starts from engine problems, electricity, interior and exterior.

On the exterior itself can not be considered trivial. Dirty flood water will cause discoloration of the car paint. Even worse if there is a gradation of the original color with the colors hit by flood water.

"If it is not handled after the flood, car paint can be damaged more quickly and streaked between parts that are flooded and not," Autoglaze Indonesia's Marketing Manager Stephen Setyadi told AFP on Wednesday (1/1/2020).

Keeping this car paint in order to stay good also takes quite a variety of processes. If in mild conditions it can be finished in a matter of hours. But if the condition is severe enough it can take 1-2 days.

"For the exterior of a car, if flooded it hasn't been long enough Car Grooming polishes one step. The process takes 1-2 hours depending on the condition of the car. If it's severe, you have to do exterior detailing treatment. Polishing a 3-step car can work 1-2 days depending on the condition of the car," he explained.

Stephen explained that working on a car polish after this flood can take a long time. Because more and more stains stick not to mention on the sidelines that are difficult to reach.

"Of course, wash it first, do the claying process to smooth the surface of the car from the stains that are still attached, then proceed with the polishing process. The hard part is the submerged part of the water, and on the sidelines of the car," he concluded.

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