Advantages of Coating in the Rainy Season

Advantages of Coating in the Rainy Season

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Entering the rainy season car owners must pay more attention to their vehicles. One thing that can be applied is by applying a paint protection method in the form of a coating. Robby Kurnia, CEO of Autoglaze, a washing service provider and car care specialist company, said that coating is very good especially in the rainy season, because the paint will have the effect of taro leaves.

"Rain water contains minerals, and if it dries on the body it can make water spots, or fungus. With paint coating has taro leaf effect, so the stains will be much less," Robby told Kompas.com, Thursday ( 1/9/2020).

Robby said, the rain water which dries itself on the body of the car can cause spots like salt. The coating protects against such things, because the essence of the coating is to add a layer on the paint.

He said, in the rainy season do not be lazy to rinse the entire exterior using water. The main reason, to maintain the body does not quickly arise mold or color fade. "After the rain, the car should be immediately rinsed or washed with just water without the use of soap, the important thing is to make sure to wipe it completely dry in all parts of the exterior," Robby said.

Penulis : Gilang Satria
Editor : Agung Kurniawan
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