Autoglaze Car Salon Makes Special Package Flooding

Autoglaze Car Salon Makes Special Package Flooding

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - Autoglaze Indonesia car salon services provide special programs for flooded vehicles.

Autoglaze Indonesia's Marketing Manager, Stephen Setyadi, explained that the Flood Package Services program was created because of high consumer demand. On Thursday (2/1/2020), there were at least 50 consumers who contacted Autoglaze.

"At present there are more than 50 customers who contact us, so we made this special flood package, previously there was none," he told Bisnis on Thursday (01/01/2020).

Flood Package Services are available in two choices of packages tailored to the flood height that bathes the car. For cars that are submerged in half, you can choose Package A, with a choice of maintenance S for Rp. 4 million, M (Rp. 4.5 million), and L (Rp. 5 million). Meanwhile, a car submerged to the extent of a tire or carpet can choose Package B with a choice of maintenance S for Rp2 million, M (Rp2.5 million), and L (Rp3 million).

The interior works include dismantling, cleaning, and drying flood-submerged parts. This process is continued with interior detailing, ozone, and fogging services. The process and price mentioned do not include the cost of replacing the materials or parts needed.

He explained outside the package, for a car exterior that was flooded not too long ago, there was a car grooming service available at a cost of Rp. 500,000.

This process is done by polishing steps to remove stains and mold on the exterior surface of the car. The process takes 1-2 hours depending on conditions.

Meanwhile, for cars that have been submerged for a long time and the conditions are quite severe it is advisable to do exterior detailing. This service fee starts from Rp. 1.5 million. Polishing is done in three stages with a processing time of 1-2 days.

He said parts of the car that were flooded would experience a change in color. This makes the area has a different color from other areas that are not flooded. This service is expected to restore the condition.

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