Caring for a Car Interior that is Flooded

Caring for a Car Interior that is Flooded

Jakarta - There is no exact count of how many cars were affected by the flood today. But for those who are accustomed to using a car, it will be disrupted if the interior of the car is also submerged in water.

Wet humid conditions will certainly cause unpleasant odors. It is better if it is uncomfortable, the vehicle owner carries out interior maintenance by washing and drying it.

Even so, Marketing Manager of Autoglaze Indonesia, Stephen Setyadi, said there was still a possibility that the odor remained. He suggested further treatment. On Autoglaze has a way to eliminate it through the Ozone service.

"If there are still odors that appear in the car we have ozone service to neutralize the odors," he told AFP on Wednesday (1/1/2020).

The car maintenance service has adequate tools for this. Ozone content is believed to be able to eliminate the unpleasant odors that stick due to flooding.

"So from the engine it emits O3 which serves to neutralize the air in the interior including the unpleasant odors," he added.

Stephen reminded car users not to neglect handling of flood-affected interiors. Because in addition to leaving a smell, the interior material becomes durable and usually loses its best color.

"Inside the interior there are other items such as trim boards. If not cleaned can damage the color and become striped between flooded and not flooded," he concluded.

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