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AC Cleaning

AC Cleaning

A service that is useful for thoroughly cleaning AC filters, blowers and evaporators without dismantling the dashboard. With tools that work like endoscopic machines, high-tech, thus reducing the risk of damage. Moreover, it can improve the health of the air in the car, cooler air conditioners and extend the AC evapolator.

This Clean Air Evaporator (Automotive Air Conditioning Care System) is
New and First Technology in Indonesia
With the tools we have made this service can be completed in a short time because it does not need to remove many parts of the vehicle and can directly detect the level of dirt.

Benefits of AC Cleaning Service
~ Thorough cleaning and disinfect evaporator simultaneously.
~ No need to open other car parts to reach evaporator
~ Reduce the risk of damage.
~ Increase cooling
~ Extend the life of the evaporator.

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